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M&R Gauntlet RS 10/8 Press - Date 2002
Current Tri-Loc Front Frame Holders
Air Index + Printheads + Frame Clamps
|Pic 1|Pic 2|Pic 3|Pic 4|Pic 5|Pic 6|Pic 7|
|Pic 8|Pic 9|Pic 10|Vid|

Lawson Trooper XL Auto Press
6 Color 8 Station Press
Comes w/ Quartz Flash
Touch Screen Control Panel / Aluminum Pallets
|Pic 1|Pic 2|Pic 3|Pic 4|Pic 5|Pic 6|
|Pic 7|Pic 8|Pic 9|Vid|Vid 2|

Atlas Copco GX4 FF
Rotary Screw Air Compressor + Chiller Combo
5 HP @208/230V Phase @ Amps
|Pic 1|Pic 2|Pic 3|Pic 4|Vid|
30Wx62Lx57T @lbs

Lawson Omega 3612 Dryer
3' infeed + 6' Heat + 3' Outfeed
36" Belt...3 Heat Panel
220V Single Phase @ 65 Amps
|Pic 1|Pic 2|Pic 3|Pic 4|Vid|

American MultiPrinter PrintHead
Single Color Printer or Tag Printer
Comes wi/ 15x16 Aluminum Pallet
Foot Switch to Cycle 110V
|Pic 1|Pic 2|Pic 3|Pic 4|Pic 5|Pic 6|

Lawson SSR Registration / Placement Device
Vacuum Hold-Down for Film
Comes w/ Vacuum+Foot Pedal
Pallet Attachment Included
$1250|Pic 1|Chicago

Shur-Loc Tensioner Screen Stretcher
for Newman Frames
Comes w/ Turn-Table & Wrenches
|Pic 1|Pic 2|Pic 3|

American Cameo 18
12x18 Vacuum Print Area
Timer & Foot Pedal
Good Transfer, Sign & Decal Printer
|Pic 1|Pic 2|Pic 3|Pic 4|Pic 5|
|Pic 6|Pic 7|Pic 8|Vid|

Workhorse Primus Rotating Flash 18x20
Model MSC 1820
115V 20 Amps
Panel has some damage but works|Pic 4
|Pic 1|Pic 2|Pic 3|Vid|
$750 obo...Chicago

M&R / Anatol U Extrusion Style Pallets
9 M&R Sleeve Pallets..|Pic 1|$875 ses
10 M&R Youth Pallets...|Pic 1|$925/set
12 Pallets 18x22...$150 Each Like New
8 Kid Pallets 22"x10...$800/Set
8 Leg Pallets 24x8"...$800/Set
|Pic 1|Pic 2|Pic 3|

Workhorse Mach 6x6 Press
6 Color 6 Station All Heads Down Press
Micro-Adjust Rear Clamping Press
Pallet Arms + Pallets included
Press 1: |Pic 1|Pic 2|Pic 3|
Press 2: |Pic 1|Pic 2|Pic 3|Pic 4|

Anatol Trident 6 Color Automatic Press
Purple Press - Selling it for Parts
6 Printheads Available - Indexer Part
Control Panels - Circuit Boards
Pneumatic Cylinder / Indexer /Valves
Used M&R Stlye Pallets + Sq + Floodbar
$|Pic 1|Pic 2|Pic 3| Chicago

15 HP SpeedAire Air Compressor
Model 5F567 - 120 Gallon Tank
Piston Type - 51 CFM @ 175 PSI
230/460V 3 Phase 27/53 Amps
|Pic 1|Pic 2|
M&R Omni-Uni-Flash
Model FL 1822
Made for Gauntlet or Challengers
208/220V Single Phase @ 25 Amps
|Pic 1|Pic 2|Pic 3|Pic 4|
Tajima TMEX-C1201 Embroidery Machine
12 Needle Single Station
Hat Attachment Included
Upgraded to USB Stick
|Pic 1|Pic 2|Pic 3|Pic 4|Pic 5|
$5000 Each....Chicago
Flash Dryer - Mfg Unknown
|Pic 1|Pic 2|

New Item
Pics Coming
Tuf / Workhorse Pallets
- 8 Sleeve Pallets
|Pic 1|Pic 2| $400 per set