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M&R Gauntlet Press - MFG 89
6 Color 8 Station Press - All Air
Mosier Indexer
|Pic 1|Pic 2|Pic 3|Pic 4|Pic 5|Pic 6|
|Pic 7|Pic 8|Pic 9|Vid|
In-House & Ready to Go

M&R Gauntlet GT-8 Revolver Press
8 Color 10 Station Automatic Press
Revolver Mode + Digital Contral Pad
Mosier Indexer...Front Prox & Rear Stroke Adj.
Center Off Contact Adj.
Pallets, Squeegee, Floodbars Included not Shown
|Pic 1|Pic 2|Pic 3|Pic 4|Pic 5|Pic 6|Vid|
Chicago...$12,500 obo

M&R Sidewinder Press x 2 Qty - 2007 Mfg
6c/4s Press w/ Rear Clamps - 15x16 Pallets
|Pic 1|Pic 2|Pic 3|Pic 4|Pic 5| Press 1
|Pic 1|Pic 2|Pic 3|Pic 4| Press 2
Already Skidded
$4000 Each....Chicago

Lawson Mini-Trooper XL Press
5 Color 6 Station Press
All Air Print Heads & Auto Indexer
Aluminum Pallets Upgrade
1 Flashback..100" Diameter Foot Print
|Pic 1|Pic 2|Pic 3|Pic 4|Pic 5|Pic 6|Vid|Vid2|

M&R Fusion R Electric Dryer - 2007 Mfg
36" Belt x 10' Conveyor
Model 36-6-3
208/230 V, 1 ph, 60/63 Amp
|Pic 1|Pic 2|Pic 3|Pic 4|Pic 5|Pic 6|
$7000...Chicago..Already Skidded

Atlas 6 Color 6 Station Press
Rear Clamp Press with Micro-Registration
|Pic 1|Pic 2|Pic 3|Pic 4|Pic 5|
Already Skidded for Shipment

Hix 3616 Micro Elxtric Dryer
Forced Air Digitally Controlling 6 IR Panels
36" Belt x 16' Conveyor
220/240 @ 78/45 Amp
Can be wired single or 3 phase
|Pic 1|Pic 2|Pic 3|Pic 4|Pic 5|Vid|
$3250....Chicago...Already Crated Pic 5

M&R Radicure 48/10 - Mfg 99
48" Belt x 10' Heat + 8' In/5 'OutFeed
6 IR Panels w/ Forced Air
208/240 - 87/99 Amps 3 Phase
|Pic 1|Pic 2|Pic 3|Pic 4|Pic 5|Pic 6|
Belt & Conveyors Included...Now in Warehouse

M&R Radicure 36-6 Dryer - MFG 2001
6' Heat Chamber w/ 4 IR Panels
208/230V 3 Phase - 48/54
|Pic 1|Pic 2|Pic 3|Pic 4|Pic 5|Vid|
Already Skidded 60W x 105L x 72T

Atlas 4 Color 4 Station Press
Rear Clamp Press with Micro-Registration
Pallets & Clamps not shown but included
|Pic 1|Pic 2|Pic 3|
$1350 Each...Chicago...3 Available

M&R Maxi-Cure Dryer - Mfg 93
36" Wide Belt x 5' infeed + 6' Heat + 5' Out
208/230V 3 Phase @ 60 Amps
Belt on top of Dryer
|Pic 1|Pic 2|Pic 3|Pic 4|Pic 5|
$2000....Chicago...Already Skidded Pic 5

M&R Acoma Flash Cure Dryer x 2 Qty - 2007 Mfg
Rotating Flash 22x24 Flash Size
|Pic 1|Pic 2|Pic 3|
$2000 Each....Chicago

Hix 6c/6s Manual Press
Pneumatic Head Lift w/ micro-registration
Side Clamps / Aluminum Pallets
|Pic 1|Pic 2|Pic 3|Pic 4|Pic 5|
M&R Blue Max 4c/4s Press
2 Printheads added to make it 6 Color
4 of the 6 Print Heads have Micro-Registration
Pallets & Side Clamps Taken off but included
$1500 |Pic 1|Pic 2|Pic 3| Chicago
M&R Blue Max - On-line Sample Press
6c/4s Sampling Press
Side Clamps w/ Air Clamp for 23x31 Frames
16x22 Aluminum Pallets
Very Unique Press - Beefed up Blue Max
$2350|Pic 1|Pic 2|Pic 3| Chicago
Hix Precisa 6c4s Press
Micro-Registration Rear Clamp Screen Holder
|Pic 1|Pic 2|Pic 3|Pic 4|
Already Skidded for Shipment
Lawson QZE Quartz Flash Units x 2 Qty
Automatic flash units
|Pic 1|Pic 2|Pic 3|Pic 4|Pic 5|
$1750 Each....Chicago
Atlas 18x18 Flash Cures x 3 Qty
Thermostat Controlled
120V 17.4 Amps
|Pic 1|Pic 2|Pic 3|
$450 Each.....Chicago
24 Newman Roller Frames
Size 18x20 ID w/ 1 Square End Small Rollers
|Pic 1|Pic 2|
$15 each Chicago

M&R IR Flash + Stand
220V Single Phase
|Pic 1|Pic 2|Pic 3|

SideWinder Jacket Hold-Down
$175|Pic 1|Pic 2|Pic 3|Chicago

Stahls Mighty Hat Press
Like new condition...1 Available
|Pic 1|Pic 2|Pic 3|

Livingstone Systems Jacket Champ
Looks new
|Pic 1|Pic 2|Pic 3|Pic 4|Pic 5|
$250 obo....Chicago

M&R Pallets
16x10" Aluminum Child Pallets x4|Pic 1|Pic 2|$65
22x20" Aluminum Platens x 2|Pic 1|Pic 2|$85
22x25" Aluminum Platens x 4 |Pic 1|Pic 2|$150

Misc. Platens & Pallet Brackets
-3 Pallet Brackets Universal
Fits 3.25 wide x 1.75 tall arms |Pic 1|
- Action Engineering Sleeve Pallet 6x22
|Pic 1|Pic 2|Pic 3|
3 Double Sleeve Pallets
Fits 3x1.5 tall arms |Pic 1|

M&R Challenger 8/10 Press - Standard Size
Selling Print Heads & Components from Indexer
Tolomatic Indexer + Printhead Cylinders
|Pic 1|Pic 2|Pic 3|

New Item
Pics Coming

Atlas Pallets + Clamps

Misc. Pallets and Sizes
Kids, Sleeves & More
|Pic 1|Pic 2|Pic 3|

Knight Heat DK20 Heat Transfer Press
16x20 Image Area
|Pic 1|Pic 2|Pic 3|

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