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M&R Gauntlet Press - MFG 89
6 Color 8 Station Press - All Air
Mosier Indexer
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|Pic 7|Pic 8|Pic 9|Vid|
In-House & Ready to Go

Tuf Javelin 6 Color Automatic
6c/8s Press- Air Index + Print Heads
Standard Pallets, Squeegees Included
Comes w/ Flashback Quartz Flash
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M&R Economax 24" Dryer
2 IR Panels w/ Digital Heat Controller
24" x 7' Conveyor - Made in 1996
208/240V - 25/29 Amps Single Phase
Legs & Belt Included - Already Skidded
|Pic 1|Pic 2|Pic 3|Pic 4|Vid|

M&R Blue Max 4c/4s Press
2 Printheads added to make it 6 Color
4 of the 6 Print Heads have Micro-Registration
Pallets & Side Clamps Taken off but included
$1500 |Pic 1|Pic 2|Pic 3| Chicago

AWT Accu-Print AP-1525B Bag Printer
Currently has a Sleeve Pallets on it
Other sized pallets can be used
110V + Air Requirements
|Pic 1|Pic 2|Pic 3|Pic 4|Pic 5|Pic 6|Pic 7|Vid|
Hard to find Single Color Press

Workhorse 2608 Dryer
26" Belt x 8 Ft Conveyor
Quartz Tube Dryer
|Pic 1|Pic 2|Pic 3|Pic 4|Vid|

M&R Maxi-Cure Dryer - Mfg 93
36" Wide Belt x 5' infeed + 6' Heat + 5' Out
208/230V 3 Phase @ 60 Amps
Belt on top of Dryer
|Pic 1|Pic 2|Pic 3|Pic 4|Pic 5|
$2000....Chicago...Already Skidded Pic 5

Workhorse Mach 6x6 Press
6 Color 6 Station All Heads Down Press
Micro-Adjust Rear Clamping Press
Pallet Arms + Pallets included
|Pic 1|Pic 2|Pic 3|Pic 4|Pic 5|
3 Available

M&R Omni-Uni-Flash
Model FL 1822
Made for Gauntlet or Challengers
208/220V Single Phase @ 25 Amps
|Pic 1|Pic 2|Pic 3|Pic 4|
$1750....Chicago...2 Available

Chicago Rotary Screw Air Compressor Chiller
Model QRS5HPD + Mac Air Chiller
5 HP...230V 3 Phase...110 for Chiller
16.5 CFM @ 150 PSI...All in 1 Unit
Made in 2008
|Pic 1|Pic 2|Pic 3|Pic 4|Pic 5|Vid|

Tuf In-Head IR Flash for Javelin
|Pic 1|Pic 2|

American M&M SpinTex 30" Electric Dryer
30" Belt x 10' Conveyor - 4 IR Panels
240V Single Phase @ 50 Amps
|Pic 1|Pic 2|Pic 3|Pic 4|Pic 5|Vid|

M&R IR Flash + Stand
220V Single Phase
|Pic 1|Pic 2|Pic 3|
23x31 Retensionable Roller Frames
23x31 Newman Roller 1 Square End x 18 Qty
23x31 Diamond Chase Roller Frames x 16 Qty
|Pic 1|Pic 2|Pic 3|
$27.50 per Frame....Chicago
Workhorse Flash
|Pic 1|Pic 2|
Atlas 18x18 Flash Cures x 2 Qty
Thermostat Controlled
120V 17.4 Amps
|Pic 1|Pic 2|Pic 3|
$450 Each.....Chicago
15 HP SpeedAire Air Compressor
Model 5F567 - 120 Gallon Tank
Piston Type - 51 CFM @ 175 PSI
230/460V 3 Phase 27/53 Amps
|Pic 1|Pic 2|Pic 3|Pic 4|
M&R Pallets
22x20" Aluminum Platens x 2|Pic 1|Pic 2|$85
22x25" Aluminum Platens x 4 |Pic 1|Pic 2|$150
Misc. Platens & Pallet Brackets
-3 Pallet Brackets Universal
Fits 3.25 wide x 1.75 tall arms |Pic 1|
- Action Engineering Sleeve Pallet 6x22
|Pic 1|Pic 2|Pic 3|
3 Double Sleeve Pallets
Fits 3x1.5 tall arms |Pic 1|

New Item
Pics Coming

Atlas Pallets + Clamps
Misc. Pallets and Sizes
Kids, Sleeves & More
|Pic 1|Pic 2|Pic 3|

Hat Printer
2 Color Press
|Pic 1|Pic 2|Pic 3|

Advance Primatex Hat Printer
1 Color Press
|Pic 1|Pic 2|

Harco Jacket Hold-Down
Mount of Press or Table
$125 |Pic 1|Pic 2| Chicago

New Item
Pics Coming

Tuf Quartz Flash for Javelin
|Pic 1|Pic 2|Pic 3|


DTG Printer
Untested - Make Offer - For Parts
|Pic 1|Pic 2|Pic 3|Pic 4|