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M&R 60" Sprint SS Gas Dryer
7' Infeed + 14' Tunnel + 7' Outfeed
29' Total Length can be shortened
Needs new belt
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M&R Gauntlet GT-8 Revolver 8c/10s Automatic
Mosier Air Index + Stroke + Frame Clamps
Revolver Program - No Shirt Detector
Flip Up Front Frame Holders + Registration in Back
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$11,000 obo....Chicago...Ready to go

Progressive EF1618-DE Press
16 Color 18 Station Oversized Printer - 2008 Mfg
Servo + AC Printheads
Comes w/ Standard Size Pallets Only
3 Quartz Flashes Included
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Lawson Trooper PC 8c/10s
Automatic Air Indexer + Air Print Heads
Aluminum Platen - Quick Change
Side Clamp Model w/ Pneumatic Clamps
Touch Screen Control Pane l
|Pic 1|Pic 2|Pic 3|Pic 4|Pic 5|
|Pic 6|Pic 7|Pic 8|Vid|
2 QZE Flashes Available for Additional $1850 Each

M&R Economax Dryer - 2 Available
24" Belt x 7' Conveyor
2 IR Heat Chamber w/ Digital Heat Controller
208/240V Single Phase 30 Amps
Belt Included in Good Condition
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Lawson QZE Quartz Flash Units x 2 Qty
Automatic flash units
|Pic 1|Pic 2|Pic 3|Pic 4|Pic 5|
$1850 Each....Chicago

M&R Quartz QFU Flash
Quartz Flash Size 22x30
220/240V 3 Phase @ 45/49 Amps
Hard to Find
|Pic 1|Pic 2|Pic 3|Pic 4|Pic 5|Pic 6|

M&R Gauntlet GTS-1618 Press - Mfg 99
3c/8s Automatic Press
Pneumatic Mosier Indexer / Print Heads
18x22 Aluminum Pallets
|Pic 1|Pic 2|Pic 3|Pic 4|Pic 5|
|Pic 6|Pic 7|Video|
Combine w/ 2 Quartz Flashes = Nice Quick Setup
$7500 for Press w/o Flashes...1.15k w/2 Q Flashes
Antec Tracer 4c/4s Press
Micro-Registration Rear Clamps
Comes w/ new pallets- not shown
|Pic 1|Pic 2|Pic 3|

M&R Quartz Flash QFU 1818 x 2 Qty
Size 18x18
208V 3 Phase Power @ 31 Amps
|Pic 1|Pic 2|Pic 3|Pic 4|Pic 5|Pic 6|
$2500 each....Chicago

Hopkins REDAIR Flash
Rotating Flash + Foot Pedal or Timer
Forced Air IR Panel
|Pic 1|Pic 2|Pic 3|Pic 4|Vid|
Last 1 Left, Ready to Go

Inline Technologies Numbering Press
2 Screens w/ 6" & 4" Tall Number Stencils
|Pic 1|Pic 2|Pic 3|Pic 4|
New Item
In Stock
M&R Blue Max Press
6 Color 4 Station Press
Micro-Registration + Side Clamps
|Pic 1|Pic 2|Pic 3|Pic 4|
Work in Progress...Just in
Tuf Quartz Flashback
Used on Javelin or FreedomPresses
Print and Flash on Same Printhead
|Pic 1|Pic 2|Pic 3|

Hix Aluminum Retensionable Frames
Approximate Retracted Sizes
22.5 x 32.5 OD x 100 Qty
22.5 x 33.5 OD x 50+ Qty
23.5 x 33.5 OD x 50+ Qty
20.5 x 28.5 OD x 6 Qty
|Pic 1|Pic 2|Pic 3|Pic 4|
$16.50 Each or Qty Discounts....Chicago
Newman Roller Frames
25x33 OD x 10 Available
$32.50 Each |Pic 1|Chicago
Couple of other sizes available


New Item
In Stock

M&R IR Flash + Stand
|Pic 1|Pic 2|Pic 3|Pic 4|